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Floating Pond Plants

Our packages of plants for water gardens include giant floating pond plants. Choose between water hyacinth, water lettuce, or a mix of both.

What to expect:

  • 10 giant plants included in each package
  • Expedited delivery to ensure plants arrive healthy
  • Water plants are bagged with moisture but without water(this is important for their healthy arrival)

Water hyacinth and water lettuce will reproduce. Do not allow plants to cover more than 60% of the pond. We recommend plant coverage of at least 30% of the pond surface to provide greatest benefits

Purpose of floating pond plants

  • Provide pond with shade
  • Absorb algae causing nutrients from water
  • Improve water conditions for fish
  • Protection for pond fish from predators 

Floating plants have exposed root systems that act as a natural filter for pond water. These plants provide shade and protection to koi and goldfish. 

No need to find "water plants near me". Our pond plants are quickly delivered to your home and in beautiful condition. Our plants are over 8" wide and have large healthy root systems. Healthy floating plants will reproduce to provide additional cover to your pond. 

Important tips before introducing water plants:

  1. The average temperature that our water plants are held in is 70 degrees. Adding them to water that is 20 degrees colder or hotter may cause stress to plants. For these conditions introduce the plants slowly.
  2. Direct sunlight and temperatures over 90 degrees can cause stress to plants. Tuck plants between marginal/bog plants to provide some shade.
  3. It is normal for plant edges to yellow. New growth continues to emerge while older vegetation dies back. It is okay to remove yellowing leaves.
  4. If plants appear to be dying, check their roots. If plants are missing their roots, it's likely that the fish ate them. Floating plants may need moved to regrow. You may need to stock a greater number of plants to ensure they have time to reproduce before fish consume all of the roots.

Cannot ship to AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, FL, LA, MS, NE, SC, TX, WI

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