Trapdoor Snails - Giant Live Bearing Pond Snails

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Giant Trapdoor Snails

Each pond snail is approximately 1.5- 2" in diameter. The outer shell is brown/black in color. Each trapdoor snail is equipped with an operculum, or "trap door" that they use to cover the shell opening to protect themselves against predators. It is common for the snails to "close the door" when you open the package. 

  • Bottom Feeder
  • Consume algae
  • Reproduce twice each year

Pond snails are nature's perfect bottom cleaner. They work their way across the bottom of the pond eating algae, dead vegetation, and uneaten fish food. 

These are reproducing snails. Our giant snails are mature and ready to populate your pond! 

Besides fish and plants, snails are also essential component to a pond's ecosystem.

What to expect when you receive your snail package

  • Snails are bagged and boxed
  • There is a small amount of water in bag to reduce snail shells from breaking in transit
  • Snail water is dirty. Snails prefer yucky conditions. They depend on algae and waste to survive.
  • It may take snails a few hours to start moving in a pond

Can Trapdoor Snails live with fish?

Yes, trapdoor snails can be added to ponds with koi, goldfish, and larger ponds with bass, bluegill

How long do trapdoor snails live?

Pond snails can live 5-10 years in a pond.

Recommended Snail Stocking Rate

We recommend 10 snails per 50 square feet of pond surface area for noticeable results

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